Maximize Vacation, Minimize Vacation Time

With so many places to see in the world and so little vacation time available to see it, we thought that it would be a good idea to come up with some quick tips on how to get the most out of so little time.

1. Weekend-ended
Although weekday flights can be less expensive, having a weekend either side of your vacation allows you to maximize the number of days you are away without eating up as many of those precious vacation days.

2. Overnight Flights
If you can squeeze in some rest before and are able to sleep on planes, overnight flights are a great way to trade in wasted hours on a plane for more time on the beach!

3. Jaw Opening
When visiting multiple locations in the same area, for example Rome, Florence and Venice in Italy, many suggested itineraries will consist of a loop, which starts and ends in the same location. While this does allow you to see more of the country, when time is limited, it is not always the best practice. An open-jaw itinerary (also known as ‘multiple locations’) will allow you to fly into one location and out of another, maximizing your time in each location and minimizing travelling time.

4. TSA Pre-check & Online Check-in
Checking in online and, if you qualify, using TSA precheck is a great way to get you through the check-in process and customs faster. This means you can make your way to your gate, sit back relax and start your vacation early. Check back next week for more information on TSA pre-check and how it works.

5. Plan Ahead
Arranging activities or transportation when you are abroad can be very time consuming. For the parts of your trip you are sure about, it is good idea to research, plan and book ahead. That way you are not having to spend any of the little time you have on vacation planning your vacation. Booking in advance,  also means that you don't have to worry about the things you want to do being sold out once you get there.