Julie's Travel Desk-Tops, Tablets and Cell Phones

You may have noticed that Julie's Travel Desk(.com) has changed. Don't worry, we haven't changed much - we still offer  the highest quality of service and value, but we felt that it was time we updated our website and become a little more social. For almost 50 years, we have been sending clients any place in the world or around it and will continue to do this for many years to come. However, now we are making a move into the present and hopefully into the future! This week we're highlighting some of the ways that we have improved our site with the aim of enhancing the way you search, book and experience travel.

Our updated mission statement is: “To inspire, create and enhance tailored and unique travel experiences to any place in the world or around it.” Last year, we started to work on our new website and are very excited to present a new look, online booking options, and new ways for our clients to interact with us. As we continue to create new memories and experiences for our clients, we have also come up with new ways to inspire and provide valuable hints and tips that will enhance each travel experience. To help us do this, we now have a weekly Blog, a presence on Facebook, and are growing our following on Twitter! So if you are into social media...like us, tweet us, and use our newly designed website to keep you up to date on what is happening in travel in various corners of the world. Here are some highlights of our new website:

About Us Page: Learn a little more about what we do, our values and our history.

Meet The Team Page: Use our 'Meet The Team' page to learn all about our JTD team members and their specialties.

Our Suppliers Page: Over the years we have built great relationships with our suppliers and this page gives you the opportunity to learn a little more about them. You can even browse and book some of their services.

JTD Live Page: This is one of our most exciting new additions. There you can find our latest blog, make comments and keep up to date with our social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Your Itinerary Page: Do you have an upcoming trip with us? This page has numerous useful links and information designed to help you prepare and make your travel as carefree as possible.

Our Reviews Page: We now have our own review page which makes it easier for our clients to tell us about their most recent travel experience. It also contains links to other review sites in case you want to spread the word!

Search & Book Online: Up late at night? Have an urge to book a cruise on a Sunday? For these reasons, we have worked hard to create tools which allow our clients to book on our website without losing the advantages of using a travel agent.

So, take a few moments and check out our newly redesigned website and remember to check back frequently for updates.