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A Little Bit About Us

Who We Are

The TRAVEL & CRUISE DESK specializes in providing upscale booking and travel experiences to our valued leisure and business clients and those seeking the very best for their once-in-a-lifetime special occasion.

From the first contact with our Front Desk Concierge and all the way through the booking process, to the moment they return home from their trip, our family owned travel agency prides itself on offering travelers exceptional travel planning assistance. Through unparalleled service and a vast, but vetted network of tour operators, cruise lines, hotels and resorts our goal is to always provide an experience beyond.

What We DO

As destination experts, itinerary designers and client advocates, our travel advisors work to inspire, create and enhance those tailored and unique travel experiences that go beyond expectations.

  • Inspire: We constantly seek out new destinations, experiences, and connections which enable us to spark the imagination and tailor dream vacation.

  • Create: We get to know our clients, so that we can build the travel components and itineraries that fit their individual interests, needs and schedules.

  • Enhance: We work with our clients before, during and after every trip to ensure that we continually exceed expectations.

Where IN The World

For a very long time our company tagline was Any Place In the World Or Around It and that has not changed. While we always want to ensure high standards and complete satisfaction in the types of accommodations and itineraries we offer, we can assist with travel experiences to destinations all across the globe. Our travel advisors are true destination specialists and experts in their field.

When Did it all start

Our story starts when Julie Shipley founded Julie’s Travel Desk in 1965. Back then, a desk was pretty much all that was needed. Julie’s attention to detail, creativity and a desire to help others made selling travel a natural choice for her. The original ‘Team Julie’s’ consisted of three members, who all worked hard making travel arrangements for their clients to any place in the world or around it. Over the past fifty years the travel industry and the way people travel has changed considerably. By keeping up with this ever-changing industry, the TRAVEL & CRUISE DESK has not only survived but has thrived. Originally, almost every journey started with a visit to a local travel agency. These days there are other options available, but by offering expert advice, while providing the highest quality of customer service, we continue to add value to every travel experience that we help to create.

Creating memories since 1965...

WHy Use Our Services

We believe that there are many ways in which the services we offer enhance the booking process and ensure a better travel experience for our clients. Here are some examples:

Experience Beyond Compare

With over 50 years in business and an average of 20+ years industry experience per advisor, we pride ourselves on being one of the most experienced travel agencies around. By having access to a full team of advisors who are experts in specific niches and experiences, our agency is the perfect partner to assist with business and leisure travel needs, no matter the destination.

Experience Beyond the Internet

Booking a trip online or direct with a tour operator, cruise line, or resort is always an option. However, when compared apples to apples, booking with our agency actually works out to be less expensive and there are many reasons travelers should consider doing so:

  • WE ARE HERE: Our service does not stop once the booking is made. We will be there with you as your advisor and advocate every step of the way from the time you book a trip with us through your return home - to answer questions or help you handle the unexpected.

  • WE ARE HUMAN: We get to know you, your likes and dislikes and your travel preferences. Our recommendations are based on your specific needs and wants. Sure, there are algorithms for that type of thing, but is that really any substitute for a human connection? Through our relationship and personal connections with clients and travel partners we work to create solutions tailored to your needs.

  • WE ARE IN THE KNOW: Your experience is what matters most to us. Your relationship with a search engine ends once you the booking is made. They owe no responsibility to ensure you read the fine print. Through booking only trusted suppliers, hotels, resorts, cruise lines and other travel services we ensure that the experiences we recommend are the ones that our clients receive.

  • WE ARE YOUR ADVOCATE: Many resorts and cruise lines pride themselves on their guest to staff ratio (the amount of staff on hand per guest at any one time). When you book with one of our advisors you are instantly improving that ratio. Think of our advisors as your very own advocate ready to assist in any way they can to ensure the very best for you.

Experience Beyond ordinary

We understand that not every traveler or trip requires the expertise and attention to detail our service provides. Our service is tailored to those who expect more. We believe that each trip we book should be extraordinary and our clients should expect that we will do everything in our power to ensure that it is. This is true for leisure travel and our business clients too.

Experience beyond our own

We have built a global network of preferred suppliers, in-country partnerships and other affiliations to help us ensure the very best for our clients. We can immediately consult insiders at resorts, cruise lines, and travel suppliers everywhere - not just the big brand-name companies, but also lots of smaller travel companies that offer great services for all types of travel.

Experience Beyond Expectations

Everything we do is with the ultimate goal of ensuring an experience beyond. We are extremely proud of our reputation and the talented team that assists us in maintaining it. We are also eternally thankful to our valued clientele. We believe that their continued support and referrals are based on our drive to go beyond their expectations and so this motivation is at the center of every trip we book.


How Are We Doing



Travel & Cruise Desk Illustration 12.5%.png

Meet the Team

Team Julie's 2019.jpg

2015 marked ‘Julie's’ Travel & Cruise Desk's 50th year in business. With so many years combined experience in travel planning, our destination specialists are among the most experienced in the industry. Whether your next vacation involves being guided across Europe, an all-inclusive in the Caribbean or a South Pacific cruise, Julie's Travel has a specialist that can assist you with all of your leisure and business travel needs.



Agency Owner & Group Travel Advisor
Team Member Since 2011

Originally from Scotland, Jamie relocated to the United States and joined 'Team Julie’s' in 2011. He soon found himself working mainly with their destination wedding and honeymoon clientele and in 2014, Jamie launched a romance travel division which focuses specifically on happy couples and once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences.
By offering the very best guidance, tools and support for destination wedding couples and their guests, Jamie provides a service that takes all the stress out of planning a wedding overseas. From first hand experience and unbiased advice, to negotiating rates and creating a completely customized 'wedsite', think of Jamie as your 'best man' for group travel. As well as specializing in destination weddings, Jamie offers a similar service for all types of groups, including those traveling on corporate, social and multigenerational trips.
Jamie is extremely proud of his amazing staff of travel advisors and is confident in saying that they are among the most experienced and dedicated in the industry. Their passion for creating extraordinary trips and their drive to exceed the expectations of every client, not only ensures the very best client experiences, but also inspires and motivates Jamie every day.

Our Concierge Service


Michael Borza

Front Desk Concierge
Team Member Since 2018

My love of travel began at age 3 when my family lived in Greece for a year while my father was on sabbatical. We traveled extensively throughout Europe where my love of different cultures inspired me to continue travelling into my adulthood. I began working in hospitality 10 years ago as a Concierge at several resorts in Florida. When I relocated to Oregon 7 years ago to be closer to my family, I continued working as a Concierge at the Portland Japanese Garden but missed my connection to the travel industry. Joining the Travel & Cruise Desk last year increased my passion for helping people travel because I'm the first point of contact for our clients. Learning about what they expect from their travel and going beyond those expectations is what drives my work.

Our Check-In Process

Our concierge is on hand to welcome new clients aboard, connect them with the perfect travel advisor for their needs and is available all the way through the booking process to ensure that each and every client receives an experience beyond.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
— Lao Tzu

For our new clients, that first step is made with the support and guidance of our concierge service.

Our Travel Advisors


Sandi Hanna

Luxury Travel Advisor
Team Member Since 1972

Sandi specializes in providing curated luxury travel experiences assisting her clients as their advisor, guide and advocate. Sandi started her own wonderful journey in travel planning back in 1972 and began by overseeing the travel plans of our corporate clients. Through helping clients escape and relax with their family and friends, Sandi realized that she was contributing in building the unforgettable memories that really matter in life. Finding this extremely rewarding, she began to specialize in luxury travel.
For over 40 years now, Sandi has been passionate about introducing clients to new destinations, cultures and travel experiences. Meeting and building relationships with luxury travel partners around the world, has enabled her to customize itineraries for my discerning clients to include unique experiences using wonderful five star and boutique hotels. She most enjoys customizing small group and individual travel to enhance the pre and post cruise experience for her luxury cruise clients. Through building these relationships with the major cruise lines we have been able to provide our extensive cruise clientele with the best possible pricing and additional cruise benefits.


Hollis Davis

Travel Advisor & Elite Cruise Counselor
Team Member Since 2000

The goal to “make people’s dreams come true” is the reason Hollis Davis first entered the travel industry and this reason has never changed. In the past Hollis has handled travel arrangements for all corners of the world, but she is now focusing her time on helping clients plan cruise vacations, as well as land and sea vacations to Hawaii, Alaska and Australia/New Zealand. Cruising has been her first love for nearly 40 years and Hollis has earned her ECC (Elite Cruise Counselor) Certification with CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association). Her personal cruise experience includes over 135 cruises ranging from river boats to mega cruise ships and most every type of vessel in between. Her other areas of specialty are Hawaii (she has been there too many times to count), Alaska (via cruise ship, on tours and independently) and most recently Australia/New Zealand where she has earned Aussie Specialist Certification through the Australian Tourist Board. She joined Julie’s Travel Desk in 2000 after managing an agency in downtown Portland for 18 years. In addition to Hawaii, Alaska and Australia, her travels include the British Isles, Europe, the Cook Islands, Fiji, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, Central and South America. So if a cruise is in your future, you should be talking to Hollis!


Michelle Cloud

Travel Advisor
Team Member Since 2003

Michelle began her travel agent career in 1995, and joined Julie’s Travel Desk in 2003. While her first love is Ireland and the British Isles, she also greatly enjoys cultural and ecological travel experiences. Michelle can turn her hand to any type of travel, independent or organized, anywhere in the world, and she is adept at leisure, corporate, and group travel. In addition to Ireland and the British Isles, her travels include Vietnam, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Peru, Mexico, Hawaii, Fiji, and the Cook Islands. She can help you create your own travel memories, wherever you wish to go!

Bridal Show Team (2).jpg


Travel Advisor
Team Member Since 2005

Melinda started her career in Arizona as a Travel Consultant in 1998. In 2005 she moved back to her home town and joined the Travel & Cruise Desk team. While she loves assisting happy couples, families, groups of friends and solo travelers in booking their once-in-a-lifetime experiences to any place in the world or around it, there are a few destinations and types of travel that are dear to her heart. Her favorite places include Mexico, Tahiti and Hawaii. Melinda also specializes and is certified by Disney and various cruise lines, including achieving comador status with Princess Cruises.

Time and money spent on travel are precious resources, especially when it comes to those special occasions that will stay with us forever. Melinda’s goal is to ensure that we enhance both your booking and travel experience and that she helps ensure that every moment of your next trip is one you'll remember forever.

Nathan Profile.JPG

Nathan Parr

Team Member Since 2019
More information coming soon.

Nathan began traveling in college while studying Religion and Biology. As a result his focus has always been on the religion, history, culture, art, architecture, environment and ecology of a region and ultimately gaining insight into the experience of the local people.

He has spent years of his life working, studying, and traveling throughout the world and especially in India and SE Asia. He prides himself on creating the exceptional experiences in the most remote and difficult destinations. If you are looking for access to authentic experiences without sacrificing elegant accommodations and exceptional cuisine Nathan is here to help.

Over the years his interest grew into a career with a focus on real world experience in a Luxury setting. With over 15 years of experience and a passion for personal travel Nathan loves creating experiences that are extraordinary and culturally insightful. From independent travel to guided tours he will help you create a vacation that will be both luxurious and inspiring.

Travel & Cruise Desk Coming Soon Profile.png


Travel Advisor
Team Member Since 2003

Gail started in the travel business in 1976 and spent the majority of her career at Curtis Travel. She was co-owner of Curtis Travel the 10 years prior to joining JTD. Gail’s travels include 40 countries on 5 continents, Australia being her favorite. Gail is in the office four days a week, taking Thursdays off.

Travel & Cruise Desk Coming Soon Profile.png


Travel Advisor
Team Member Since 1999
Michelle has worked in both wholesale and retail travel over the last 20 years. Her travels are extensive and include the Hawaiian Islands, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Her European travels include Italy, Switzerland and France (what about Germany). She spent a month trekking in Katmandu, Nepal, Thailand and India Darjeeling. Specializing in vacations to Hawaii, the South Pacific, and the Caribbean, Michelle would love to help you arrange your dream vacation to the sun.

Jessica Profile.jpg

Jessica Timmons

Travel Advisor
Team Member Since 2016

More information coming soon.

Travel & Cruise Desk Coming Soon Profile.png

Elena Martuscelli

Travel Advisor
Team Member Since 2017

More information coming soon.


Our Corvallis Travel Advisors

Brad Teel started in the travel business in Corvallis in 1971 and together with his wife, Alicia they launched Teel's Travel Planners in October of 1982 as a full service travel agency serving the local community. The business thrived, grew and met the many challenges that were presented to the changing travel industry, a testament to the high standards, hard work, care and enthusiasm Brad and Alicia gave to their enterprise and the people they worked with. Brad cared, and that showed on a daily basis, with every interaction and effort he made.

In December, 2016 the staff of Teel's Travel Planners joined the Travel & Cruise Desk team. Julie's Travel Desk has worked closely with Brad and Alicia and is honored to be able to continue their legacy and strives to offer the same high standard of service to the Corvallis Community.

Wence Profile.jpg

Wence "Venka" Kvam

Travel Advisor - Cruise Specialist
Team Member Since 2016

Wence was born in Norway and traveled extensively in Europe prior to entering the travel business. She started in the travel business in 1972 working on board a cruise ship as a stewardess. Her favorite vacations are by ship traveling to various destinations offering experiences rich in culture, beautiful scenery and warm weather. She became a travel agent 30 years ago and joined Teel's Travel Planners in 1985. She have two main focuses, the first being cruises, including small exploration and river ships.

Her second love is arranging tours around Europe and both of the America's.

When Wence is off from work she enjoys gardening, riding her Arabian horses and walking her Collie's.

Beth Profile.jpg

Beth Bonham

Travel Advisor
Team Member Since 2016

Beth joined the Travel & Cruise Desk as a home-based agent in 2016. Prior to that, I was with Teel’s Travel Planners for 10 years. My first love is corporate travel, although I enjoy the challenge of helping customers plan their ideal vacations. I’m especially interested in arranging long-distance train travel, both domestic and international. I’m looking forward to a vacation in Malta this year and will bring back much information on this seldom-visited destination.

Outside of my travel profession, my husband Gene and I own Night Sky Arabians in Corvallis. I volunteer with Arabian Horse Rescue and Education with their networking and fundraising efforts, and I make sure to find time to sing with Confluence Chorus. Our family consists of Gene’s two sons and their families, three Arabian horses and my Burmese cat, Bugz